Do DofE

There are more things in life than just the results of tests. You have talents, skills and strengths slumbering in you that you may not even suspect and that often remain undiscovered in everyday school life. Activate your potential! Develop yourself as a personality, discover what you can do and strengthen your skills at the same time - that's what the DofE is all about.
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Run DofE

Give young people the best possible start in life. Self-confidence, resilience, teamwork - these are just some of the skills that young people develop through their participation in the Award and which can help them to develop their full potential.
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Support DofE

Support our association in enabling as many young people as possible to participate in the Award. The DofE can be a game changer by helping young people dream big, develop strong beliefs in their own abilities, open doors for them to the job market, and connect schools and communities in the process.
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"This program strengthens not only the participants but the entire school community."
Dr. Maja Lasić
Member of the SPD parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives and Spokeswoman for Educational Policy - Patron of the Strong Teens Project in Berlin-Mitte
"That was fun. I want to do that again, and several times, a lot. What I enjoyed the most? To sleep in the open air and to cook and eat together.”
Kamal, 17 Jahre
Silver participant
"This journey changes a teenager's soul."
Prof. Dr. Barbara Ischinger
Director of the OECD Directorate for Education and Skills from 2006-2014
"I am happy that we can now campaign for something at our school, even if we are part of student council."
Berfin, 15 Jahre
Bronze participant
"I never thought I could do that."
Adam, 17 Jahre
Bronze participant
"Das Programm hat nicht nur meine Schüler*innen bestärkt, sondern auch mich als Lehrer."
André Barth
Teacher at Ernst-Schering-Schule, Berlin
"Mit diesem Programm haben wir die Schule zum Lächeln gebracht."
Ismet, 16 Jahre
Bronze participant
"I remember now why I became a teacher."
Ronald Fischer
Headmaster of Schule am Schillerpark, Berlin
"Without the Duke I would never have got my apprenticeship. I hope that all students can do the program."
Hassan, 17 Jahre
Bronze participant
"We'll do this for the next 10 years."
Grit Gottschalk
Teacher Education in Berlin, Teacher and Head of Mathematics at Ernst-Schering-Schule, Berlin
"The program made me more resilient."
Tuba, 15 Jahre
Bronze participant
“What we are doing here is direct work with the child."
Wolfgang Engst
Teacher at Schule am Schillerpark, Berlin