Berlin Conference

Alumni as Gold Award Leaders

Alumni can support the Award work in a variety of ways, e.g. in the Expedition Teams, as Regional Representatives or even in the Board. In Elmshorn, a young alumni group of Gold Award holders took over the town-wide participant support on the Gold level.

EFQM as a Quality Development Tool

Since 2009, our quality development has received a globally recognized framework with the EFQM Excellence Model (initiated by the EU), which now serves as the basis for all our products and services and the annual self-assessment of our own work. The workshop gives an insight into the results and perspectives of our work in this area.

EU Youth Strategy 2019 - 2027: Opportunities for the Award work

Under the motto “Engage. Connect. Empower” the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 it is aimed to help young people in their personal development, in the acquisition of skills and thus on the way to independence. The links to the Award are obvious and will be elaborated in detail by the conference participants.

Independent Participants: Opportunities and Challenges

In order to provide access to the Award for young people who cannot be supported locally, we are offering the new option of independent participation on the Silver and Gold levels as part of a pilot project and provide a starter package for this purpose.

Delegating Responsibility to Student Mentors and Young Leaders

After – by adapting Kurt Hahn's idea of an “education state” to the Award work – the first student mentoring system had been established in Osterburken in 2002, more and more Operators are now following suit. In the workshop, the concept will be presented, participating schools and student mentors will share their experiences and steps for implementation will be discussed.

25 Years Jubilee Ceremony

The occasion for the Berlin Conference is the 25th anniversary of the German Award Association, which was founded on 1 June 1994 at Zeil Castle. As part of the small ceremony at the dinner on Saturday, winners of the Provider Prize 2018 will also be awarded.