Q.wiki as a Platform for Collaborative Process and Knowledge Management

As an example of a creative method that is increasingly attracting attention also in youth work and school, "Lego Serious Play" will be presented, which we plan to use in future in the Management Course and in strategy development.



Guiding theme: B – Innovation in the Award work

Abstract: Via the Q.wiki platform, processes can be transparently documented , each person involved can contribute his or her knowledge and the Association can be jointly developed further. Two years after the first conception, the system was activated for the core team and leading Regional Representatives at the end of April 2019, and since then has been gradually provided with content starting with the modules 'Projects' and 'Processes'. First results of the transition to the online system will be presented at the conference.

Presentation: Iris Dikel | DofE – Germany 

Aims: Getting to know a new management tool 


  • Live presentation of our Q.wiki implementation

  • Sharing first experiences

Examples of optional side-input

  • Similar experiences or plans in this field 


  • Live presentation

  • Discussion